Born and raised in Quebec, I have always had a passion for creating beautiful things and inspiring people to reach their potential.  And yes, I do understand French!  But I digress ...

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Queen's University in the beautiful town of Kingston, Ontario and have lived near Ottawa ever since.  Having worked in the High Tech industry for over 20 years (I graduated when I was 10) , I have had the opportunity to develop visual experiments for the Psychology Department at Queen's, create 3-D drawing and CAD CAM software for metal works companies and design, develop and test user friendly applications for air traffic control and telecommunications software.  As such, my focus has always been to work with the end users of the applications to develop software that was easy to use, functional, and help them complete their tasks in a stress-free and effective manner.

Although I loved the focus on User Interface Design, I wanted to take it up a notch on the creativity side and also work more closely with individuals.

Thus began my journey in Web Design that I love, love, love to do!

Web design has satisifed so many facets of my dreams.  Besides having the pleasure of creating beautiful and functional websites, I get to work with people who share their dreams, visions and goals of their business.  Add to that, the excitement of brainstorming ideas and exploring options with clients - I often leave client discussions feeling like the sky is the limit.

Adding a little bit of life's adventures into the mix, I had 3 wonderful boys to raise - 2 of whom are dyslexic.  Why do I mention this?  They were a blessing in disguise who have introduced me to a journey of Alternative Healing, a new dimension of creativity, and truly understanding human nature and behaviour.

So, why does any of this matter?  All of these experiences have given me a plethora of skills to work with and enrich my ability to develop authentic, engaging websites that create a connection with viewers.  Add to that my dogged desire to succeed - strategic design, call-to-actions, opt-ins and google analytics are my new best friends. And because I thrive on empowering people, I believe in making the website journey as effortless and inspiring as possible.