Confronting the “dirty little secret” of profitability, and adding mindfulness and intentionality to the process of making money by serving clients.

Category: Mindful Money

How can I get more clients?

Business woman smiling as she reflects on how to get more clients.

Eliminate obstacles to conversion and make it easy for potential clients to work with you.

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Is it possible to have a brand that is beautiful, authentic and strategic?

Cozy backyard landscape design that is beautiful, authentic and strategic.

3 Elements of an effective brand plus what you need to start with first.

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I’m a healer, not a business expert. How can I fix what’s wrong in my business?

Wooden door with welcome sign inviting prospects into your business so you can fix your business.

A few small business strategies can transform your business and create abundance in your life.

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How Can I Use Simple Beauty to Improve my Mood?

Lavender field depicting simple beauty to improve my mood

Running a business requires focus, creativity and an open mind.

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This Single Mindset Shift Saved my Business

Hands holding earth globe sharing your gifts

Sharing your gifts with the world is easier than you think.

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